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Male Scammer Raymond Persson

Scammer Raymond Persson


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First Name: Raymond
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He requested me as friends through face book more than one year ago. He said he was working in Malaysia in a construction site. He signed a contract with a company for rebuilding the old buildings. He sent me a police report. It showed he was robbed by 4 Indian guys near the hotel he was living. He lost all his credit cards and passport. He would be sued by the company if he could not complete the work. He needed me to remit money for him to pay the hotel bill, too. I remitted a few times. Totally I lost 60000usd. It is my hard earned money. He sent me the invoice of hotel and many pictures including his late wife and a 15-year-old son, Peter. He said he is French but has been living in New York for 15 years. I requested him to send me video. He said his camera function on the phone did not work. I was so stupid of being scammed by him. He showed our engagement in my face book. I was so happy because he promised to marry me after finishing the work in Malaysia. After I sent him the last 20000usd, he claimed he suffered from danger fever and stayed in the Prince Court Medical Centre. I checked by calling the hospital by providing his date of birth and name. The result was no this patient. I reported to the police in hk. It is still in investigation. I am the unlucky woman.



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