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Male Scammer Pardew Smith

Scammer Pardew Smith


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First Name: Pardew
Location [Address]: unknown
Age: 47
Aka: Agent Smith

Pardew Smith

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Scamming scenario:

Leave permit scam. I connected with a man who called himself Roland Diaz on Tinder about 7 weeks ago. He rapidly added me to WhatsApp, using telephone number 518-777-6673. He later on switched to number 631-743-3410. He claimed to be an American soldier based in Washington. We messaged each other and also talked via WhatsApp. I became a little suspicious when he started sending me longer text messages, which I afterwards found were plagiarisms from different websites. He never asked me for any money, but wanted me to fill out a document he stated was from the United States military service sent via email from a address. They wanted me to fill out my personal information like name, address, telephone number, date of birth and also attach a copy of my ID. Despite the fact that I'm not American, I realized this was a scam as soon as he wanted me to apply for a leave on his behalf. The email address gave it away as well. The IP an address belonging to the formal email addresses goes to America, but the false document looks Nigerian. This scammer is very good at English, both written and spoken unfortunately. I didn’t recognize the scam right away.



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