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Male Scammer Mark Gray

Scammer Mark Gray


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First Name: Mark
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 40
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Marc, Markie
Phone: unknown

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Scam Scenario

I met him on the dating site, which is e-harmony. We started exchanging mails from February. After exchanging mails almost every day we started chatting on whatsapp sometimes. He did not text me so often, but he often sent me a long mail almost every day. He asked me to marry him on whatsapp, but I told him that I had to see him first and I could not tell you yes or no right now. He said it was all right, because he planned to visit me to discuss our future in the second of week of May. He told me he had to go to Iran to finish the first phase of the contract over there before coming to japan. In Iran, he said he had so much problem and he could not finish the first phase so soon. And also he told me he needs so much money to sort out his problem over there. Then, he asked me to send him $7,000.00. Then, I found out he must be scammer.



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