Male Scammer Kelvin Gavin

Scammer Kelvin Gavin


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First Name: Kelvin
Location [Address]: Missouriunknown Springfield
Age: 53

Reports :

"My Love,
I was moved here in the Private Hospital yesterday early evening and I've been attended to in a better way. I was given some injections to relieve the pain but I could still feel it so much inside of me but I think it's somewhat effective. After their checking, tests and observation they found out that the bullets made some damages because it's a Sniper's bullet but They're giving me a very good assurance that I'll be perfectly good and okay again. They said at first now we gotta make a Surgery and that needs to take place as soon as possible and they said the Surgery is gonna cost us about $1650. the total money you sent yesterday was $1050 ($780 for the hospital and having $270 left with me as extra), I payed $200 for getting admitted and also for the pain medicines I was given at first and now I'm left with 850 in total and we're gonna need about $800 to make the Surgery commences as soon as possible. They said good things are expensive in the country due to their poor economy and I told them I also know about that too because I've been here for few weeks and I understand a little about how everything moves.
You've been standing by me everyday in every way my love,
You're more than just a companion to me
You're more than just a gift to my life
You're everything to me and I owe you my whole life and the happiness in it my love.
P.S. - Kindly try to make the records of every money we've spent so I could know and makes plans for it as soon as I get home to you.
Your Kelvin Gavin."



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