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Male Scammer John Meyer

Scammer John Meyer


Scam Danger: 


First Name: John
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 39
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Johnn
Phone: unknown

Reports :

Scam Report:

Name is John Roberto, says he works for Emirate Airlines, as a pilot, he had contacted me on Plenty of Fish. Said he was a pilot, and had a contract to fly some important people around Dubai, was going to be there for 9 weeks. He said couldn't video chat because of policy for company he worked for. He could talk to me on phone had an accent, sent photo of himself but for someone who is 56, sure doesn't look like it. Found out that all the photos he sent me were of a Polish, German guy who works as and independent for I Love me 79. He asked if I could get him bit coins, and wanted to know my address. He said he sent me some financial papers but it was returned to him. Would not video chat, said his laptop was for work only so could not video chat with me. Wanted me to send him my driver’s license ID. He gave me his SS but no way to check that out.



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