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Male Scammer David Ramos

Scammer David Ramos


Scam Danger: 


First Name: David
Location [Address]: unknown Delta (Nigeria); Warri (Nigeria)
Age: 58
Aka: Robert Anderson, Andrey Avetisyan, Sean Johnson
Aliases: Andersen, Andrei, Bob, Davide, Davido, Davids, Robbert, Robbie, Roberts
Phone: 5122563806

Reports :

I just know him about two days ago (June-11-16) on dating site is vietnamsingle, his username is: robertcaslen. He sent an e-mail to told me he is the Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen with his picture and I read his biography, very glorious achievements of Lieutenant General Robert Caslen. I have suspected he was a scammer. Because I have to heard about histories of Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen in the war of Iraq, so I want to learn more about Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen on Google. And exactly what i was thinking, so I was stop keep in touch with him. As this morning I met him on the other dating site is He took one more different username is: robertjr, he wanted to be friends with me (because I also took another username) Immediately I recognized as the same person, he tried to hoodwink lonely women in life as me, who want to looking for true friends from the dating site home page. So I need to make the report to male scammer. Thank you very much.



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