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Male Scammer Dave Rex

Scammer Dave Rex

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First Name: Dave
Location [Address]: Cambridge, United Kingdom Woodinville, Washington, United States

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Scammer.Scammer changed location from Dublin, Ireland to Earlimart, Ca. His messages to me: Hi cool, and yours? you look so cute i hope we can be more than a friend here if you don't mind sure i feel you age too, do you think age can be a barrier to us, having a relationship? so how about having a relationship with a man you are older then? yes i understand you now be back soon will age be a problem to relationship? is that how you measure yours? do you really believe in real love? yes is hard to find but i strongly believe on real love. if there is love in a relationship, age will not be a problem there. right from time i believe to get married to a lady that is older then i am. that has been my prayers she is more matured, she can handle a home and family perfectly well, she will not look outside for another relationship rather she will stick to her family. for a relationship to stand the test of time it requries maturity and the respect will still be there. men realizing that he has a matured lady at home he will accord her that respect what kind of relationship do you have to have? ok and what kind of man would you like to send your life time with? what type of man will you like to marry? ok i wll tell you the kind of woman i will love to marry for me, I am seeking for woman who is really nice, a woman i can get to know better and hopefully meet some day, a loving and kind woman in heart, very responsible, humble, respectful, loving caring, understanding and trust-worthy. but i know this is really very difficult to find these in a woman, i think getting to know each other appropriate will really help here, we have to be very honest and sincere to each other. I know there are few women here who doesn't like to open up, I'm not really interested in that type of a woman, I'm very comfortable with my life and I want someone to really share my good life, dreams and aspirations together with here. My likes are trust, sincerity, generosity, faithfulness and humble. I honestly dislike unfaithful women and dishonest people. been humble i mean, having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance i believe in God if this is where He say i can find her, then so be it yes i believe in Him. how about you, what do you think here? i respect your believe my dear, and you have to respect mine too. i believe God is the creator of the heavens and earth. he is the start and end of all things taking about humble all i mean is that the husband is the head of the family, a woman have to respect that fact, by being humble. both are never equal in that aspect. but that dose not mean the husband will not respect and treat her for what she in the family.



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