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Male Scammer Dave Miller

Scammer Dave Miller


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First Name: Dave
Location [Address]: p.o box 10 Accra Ghana 00233

Reports :

Tells me he loves me within a week of online dating. Sent me a fake airline ticket to show that he is coming to see me, then sends me a fake contract with an energy company in Alabama and another fake airline ticket to Singapore. Decided to play along to see what he would do next. Here's his latest text:I am having difficult time here at the customs as regards the clearing of my equipments. What I am requested to pay is far above what I budgeted for, so I am short fall of about $20,000. My budget was $30,000 and I am requested to pay $50,000. I done everything I can right now I need $13,000 urgently to clear my materials and start work honey, but my account is placed on hold for 10 working days honey and I have noting on me right now and I need $7,000 to complete the fee so I can clear my materials and start work honey.. if I don't start work now I might loose this project honey because they gave me a deadline to finish.Please honey help me with the $7,000 so I can pay the custom and clear my materials and I'll pay back once the hold on my account has been released.Please honey help me out here I beg you, I really need to clear my materials urgently honey, I promise you I'll pay back with interest if you want once they release my account honey, If I don't have my equipments cleared from the customs by the weekend, an additional cost of $580 will be added daily as demurrage. Please see what you can do to assist me and I promise not to disappoint you, I will pay back immediately i have access to my account honey.



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