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Male Scammer Bryan Walter

Scammer Bryan Walter


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First Name: Bryan
Location [Address]: Floridaunknown Florida City
Age: 50

Bryan Walter

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Reports :

"Hi Sara, How was your night,where you able to get some sound rest, I slept like a baby after talking to you last night,and I woke up renewed and refresh this morning and your thought was the first that came on my mind this morning too,I have really been thinking so much about you,my mind had been on you all morning here,I am going to say a prayer for us today and i am so sure that our relationship is in the ever caring hands of God, and i will not wrestle with His wills .I am so excited about us and thinking about what the proposed future will look like with us together makes my heart leap for joy ..Sara my dear I had been alone all this 3 years and am not accustomed to ""settling"" again in my life that I had not realized that there might be someone out there as special as you. I can't wait to check the computer to see your email and when yo text me i feel butterflies in my stomach,I can't help it. You put a smile on my face.I asked for God to send me some signs when i meet my right woman,last night I had a peaceful dream.This morning I received a message from Joel Osteen who is a famous minister said "" When you choose to trust HIS timing, you can rest in HIM knowing that HE has good things in store for your future""also a sign that my feelings will go out bound and i will not be a able to tame which is already happening.

Dear I am happy that you would still give me a chance to love and be complete again in life,i am so sure that with God the future hold good tidings for us..
We deserve the best because we are the best and we will not settle for anything less. So how is it that we both could be so perfect, beautiful and deserving and be with out our true soul-mate? Perhaps the reason is that all our past relationships have been more of a ladder to where we would be so we would know for certain when we found the right person again,then and only then would we be able to receive in return as much as we put into the relationship and appreciate and treasure what we have finally found. For these reasons I ask you to take a hard look to accept me as your man and i want you as my woman. If you really want what you say you want, you need not search any longer.
I will always be here for you and I will try my best to make this work out well with us, I already told Haley we are talking and i showed her your pictures and she is really happy about it and supports it, and i know you will like her and bond with her to as time goes , she is such a lovely young girl,very inquisitive though but i am sure ..Take good care of yourself for me baby.. I have a lot of errands to run this today, And i also need to see to Haley submitting some of her homeschooling materials before the deadline too, she should have done that yesterday but her health couldn't, Please dear, try and text me at any of your free time ..I am thinking more about you... Stay Blessed
Bryan Walter"



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