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Male Scammer Alexander Gallagher

Scammer Alexander Gallagher


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First Name: Alexander
Location [Address]: Phone-No. 0044 702 40655580 we know these pictures in Germany under the following names as well: dfgig bei als Profil Michael Blay lovinghugs Johnson 660 Henry 2 Henry DK William Ronald Morrision Prince Brown A profile of this guy is on facebook as well. Profile name there: Alxeander Gallagher

Reports :


I've been speaking to him by email for about five days. He asked for my phone number, told me he's madly in love with me, says he is very religious and wants to come here to meet me personally. I knew it was too good to be true and he picked the wrong person because I have no money. I was very curious so I looked him up in Lakewood Ranch Florida and he lives there or at least his name is there. Then I came across the scammers report and I saw this girl Patti put all his letters online, and they are the same exact letters he wrote to me, only not as many. Not a very nice man. Hopefully somebody Can stop him from hurting people. He didn't get far enough to ask me for money, But did ask me if I owned my own home and if I was financially secure. I stopped communicating with him after the eighth email. He is a foreigner, writes with an accent. I told him he made me nervous and was to quick to meet me, he said, I guess your not ready, maybe we should stop corresponding, I said sorry you feel that way and goodbye.He is already posted on your site by Patti. He sent me a picture, I don't know if it's really him.He said he was born in the Republic of Poland.



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