Male Scammer Alan Gipson

Scammer Alan Gipson

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Alan Gipson started emailing and texting me after responding to my profile on He made the first contact. We corresponded approximately 2 months. He claims to be a widower who lost his wife 6 years ago to cancer. He also claimed to have 1 daughter named Emily who is 18 and a freshman in college studying nursing. He says he grew up in Lawrenceville, GA but was born in Milan, Italy. He has a strong accent and can be difficult to understand. He requested my private email address after the first contact through I gave it to him. After 2 emails, he asked for my cell phone number stating he thought it would be better to communicate by text. He claims to be a Petroleum Engineer who is trying to secure a contract to clean up some oil spillage for Chevron. He asked twice for me to purchase a $100 Wal-Mart prepaid Visa gift card for his daughter. He claimed to be unable to get one at his Wal-Mart. He had me take pictures of the front and back and sent through text. He also asked me if I could wire or transfer $2500 to a chemical agent that he needed to pay in advance to securing the contract with Chevron. Thankfully, I did not comply with this request. He did provide the intended recipients name, bank name, acct and routing prior to me declining to send the money. Also, on this site is a man named Jamie Fidel who uses the Fred Wilson. He is currently using pictures stolen from a pastor in Naperville, IL. I was able to determine the picture theft using Google Search Images. I have submitted a Internet Crime Complaint with the FBI. Stay away from this man at all costs. He is a big charmer who will promise to come meet you. He will use God in many references; English does not appear to be his first language. He will play to any weakness he picks up on.



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