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Female Scammer Venera 


Female Scammer Venera 


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First Name: Venera
Location [Address]: unknown Cheboksary (Russia)
Age: 27
Birth Date:

Reports :

She has been already registered here reported by a man who said that she sent him absolutely different photos of her and claimed to be from other city and having absolutely different personal information to what was stated in her profile at the dating site where he met her. Here is her correspondence with another man who was nearly scammed but saw her in our scamlist. Letter no. 1: I like you!To me of 26 years. Height - 172 sm, weight - 53 kg. I have languages - Russian, English, French language. I search for the person who can be with me up to the end of a life. It should be kind, true and understands. I do not search beautiful and the young man who searches only for entertainments. I search for the future husband. I can give mine to the person everything, that it will wish - fidelity, tenderness, passion and love. I very sensitive and kind. I love children, and I love a life. Write to me - I with impatience wait to receive news from you. Venera. Letter no. 2: My dear ...! I am so glad that I felt, that you could be especial. I cannot explain why, but now.. I can see, that you, obviously, more likely exceptionnal. My feeling and my intuition have told to me to write to you. Therefore I have one important question? You do desire to take seriously our attitudes, and I do not wish to invest my emotions, time or energy in game of time is to straight lines also. Please do not take it as a crime, and I only speak it, I think also by which I always I do. Certainly the fact, that I write again back to you means simply, I feel intuitive trust to you. As, when you stop to trust work of your internal wishes and expectations on the most important person in your life - to the person, you will be in marriage - you stop to feel really alive. I from my name, I have solved, which I was not going to coordinate less. I can feel, that you have the same opinion! Possibly something about me? The simple truth - always the best way to begin? I had formation - foreign languages, and I work in the private company as the translator of the documentation from foreign languages. I would like alive intensive with the person, with which I can to reach spiritual and emotional harmony. I really should feel true love and the reference of a body, opinion and soul and I believe, that it is a unique way which you can reach real happiness in marriage and a life. I know that the life is all.. I speak in several languages (Russian, French, English language). I would like to live, with what person I can respect and love for other part of my days. This kind of the person, I shall be proud to be near to it the party under any circumstances. In last time in my life I really wish to divide deep emotions, to be we like and to give the same love with all its consequences in return. If you answer me what I sincerely hope... this one you should take it serious!!! Please don't hesitate to give me an answer. I can only promise you one thing. I am writing to you with an open heart the rest. Only destiny will decide. Let us just be honest to each other and you should ONLY answer me if you have noble intentions that's all I ask. You will never regret it! I never in my life was more motivated to meet with a man like I would with you... I wait your answer. Venera Letter no. 3: My dear ...! In firm where I work to me have suggested to take holiday for 1-2 weeks. I thought of it and I thought of you also... I have a question to you - just as where you represent our meeting? I do not wish to spend my holiday in Russia. For me it is uninteresting. I can take my holiday only once in a year and only once. And I wish to use my holiday as much as possible and not in Russia. I dream to travel and see the world! It is easy for understanding... For me it would be more interesting to lead my holiday in the Europe. We could meet in Paris! Within 1-2 weeks. It is very romantic and beautiful city absolutely comes nearer for our first purpose. I well speak in French, and we could spend absolutely there our time together! What do you think of it? I wait your answer with impatience. I wait your answer. Kiss you with tenderness. Venera Letter no. 3 came before I got a chance to answer letter no. 2 !!! So I conclude that she (or he) is desperate to get money... big ones...



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