Female Scammer Temi Felice Keech

Temi Felice Keech

Female Scammer Temi Felice Keech

E-mail: temifelice@hotmail.com
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First Name: Temi Felice
Location [Address]: No. 2 Deeper Life Close Apete, Ibadan (Nigeria)
Age: 29
Birth Date:

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Hello David!!!..

How are you doing today? I'm glad you wrote me a letter to my email. I really want to find my true love. I'll also be glad to know more about you. I am here to find the person with whom it will be interesting for me to communicate.David I'm not only looking for friends on the Internet, I also believe that you can find your love on the Internet. I will tell you briefly about me in this letter. My height: 169 sm / Weight: 57 kg I'm asking you to write me more about you. Tell me about your life. And where do you live? How old are you?I have always been interested in life in other countries and I will be interested to learn this from you. DavidI will write you more about me and my life in my next letter. I'm sending you some photos of me. I hope you like it.I ask that you also send me your photo, because I'm interested in it.David I wish you a good day today. I'm waiting for your letter soon. Temi FeliceKeech .



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