Female Scammer Tatyana 


Female Scammer Tatyana 

E-mail: desantka@km.ru

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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: Lviv
Age: 26
Birth Date: 7/3/1989


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Reports :

Letter 1
Travel agency scam.I'm 20 years old and I'm looking for my happiness.i live in a small provincial town of Lvov in my native country.I live with my family there -my sister and my brother I believe I was born under the lucky star.
I'm tall-, pretty nice I'm searching for my star and I believe I will find it. I have been dreaming for all of my life about happiness. And what does it mean "happiness?" Happiness is my future family, my love, a good housekeeping & a garden smothered in roses.
I have been dreaming for all of my life to go somewhere to the East. I have never ever been abroad and the only desire is to find my love.
I belive my love is abroad,I'd know about your country, your minds,habbits. I had a dream last night.
I layid on the beach, I saw a big seashore, I felt the breathing of the sea. The liquid touches of inflows caressed all by body, the waves throw me.
Maybe it was the call of my destiny. I feel my happiness is so close. But it' so far away... My passionate is cooking. You can't imagine how tasty are our Ukrainian meal!!! I'd prepare for you my favorite kisses-soft, tender cookies.
Kisses because they have a shape of the hearts. I 'm a furure librarian. I spend a lot of times with a book in my hand. Just listen to the words of Paulo Coelho, one of my favorite writer: "We must fight for our dreams and concentrate our efforts to that end. But we must not forget that life is made up of all pleasures.
They were placed here to encourage us, assist us in our search and provide the moments of surcease from our daily battles. It's not a sin to be happy.There is nothing wrong in - from time to time - breaking certain rules , regarding diet and happiness".
The happiness for me is a man of my dream. I will share with him all my troubles I'll give him my heart. A man of my dream is tender, affectionate, with shining eyes with open soul and clear as blue ocean, caressing me and loving me each day. Every day I look at the mooony sky and wait for my lucky star.
I share it with you I wiil be the one you love. I'd like to know you better, tell me about yourself, about your life and interests, your hobbies.
What feelings and qualities are you appreciate in woman? I wait for your letter I finished school of foreign languages I write letters on my own without agency I use Internet cafe Tanya



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