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Female Scammer Smith Harlene

Smith Harlene

Female Scammer Smith Harlene


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First Name: Smith
Location [Address]: Luhansk
Age: 35
Birth Date: 8/5/1980

Smith Harlene

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Reports :

Letter 1Hi my dear friend, I as well as you absolutely do not know you, but other variant at me is not expected very long. All men written to me huge quantity of the letters, admitted to me in love up to a coffin, in mine (generally my girlfriend) to a problem have given up to me. Now I know that for people are registered on this site.
But I do not bring you in this list, I shall wait and hope that you big contrast of all of those my \"admirers\"!! The Problem consists that my best girlfriend (the best, we are friends from 5 years and did not leave never) has more recently received a driving licence.
By the modest car (Ford-Escort 88 years) went to institute, very much hastened, and still chattered with me by phone. In general all has ended with failure. On a traffic light as she has told, has not noticed a jeep and has rammed to him a back bumper and has broken a headlight. Directly as in a joke. There has arriv! ed militia, and her car yet for is insured.
All these trials have led to that she should now to the driver of a jeep, I do not remember what mark, 3000 euros. The common efforts of relatives and friends typed 2760 euros. I address with the huge request, whether you to me could lend not getting 240 euros? I very strongly hope that you will not remain indifferent to this problem. If it was possible to wait a little, I assure, I have not addressed to you with this request. She should be given this big money to the nearest 5 days or........... I do not demand, but if you to help with forces to me, I shall be very grateful, I in a duty{debt} do not remain!
If you can help send the answer to mine e-mail ( For earlier many thanks, be assured it not mere words..... Kiss Lena!



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