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Female Scammer Sarah Dayo

Sarah Dayo

Female Scammer Sarah Dayo


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First Name: Sarah
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 26
Birth Date:

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This person calling themselves Katy, first coming through my email saying used an agency that gave her my email address, because first I'm not on any social media not dating site (I do well enough w/ the ladies in my country and states, alone, so these fuck ups are pure entertainment) but the story of this one was diffinatlly original, I've had live in Chicago then emergence w/ family in Russia, but this one claimed in Mexico City, Mexico then doing contracts for jobs around the world, only to be where? Russia of all places needing money to get home, cause oh my god, I got rob by bandits, (or on Mexico...banditos) lol, now spent all day at policio station, wow use you brain to come up with such elaborate stories as if I'm so gullible to believe just because you can send a pretty blue eye woman picture, and blue eyes was all this one had going for the pictures used...I know plastic surgeons that would do a fantastic job at adding more beauty, anyways I send pictures of this whoever person to, enjoy the laugh everyone cause it always gives me, hahahaha that one free.!



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