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Female Scammer Polina Lazareva

Polina Lazareva

Female Scammer Polina Lazareva


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First Name: Polina
Location [Address]: Russia, 614010, Perm, Kuibyshe Perm (Russia)
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Polia, Polinka, Polinna, Polin

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Hi Scammers team I stress again I do not advertise on Russian Dating sites nor do I bate ladies I’m from Russian ancestry myself and do hope to encounter an original loving Russian lady I’m currently exchanging mail with a Ukrainian lady but her words are starting to lean towards scamming i will send you her last note and I’m sure you'll agree she is leading towards such so ill keep sending in to you and well see I don’t see her name in your lists but many ladies do look alike I am in the midst if being scammed by an American lady from Union city pennsylvanania under the handle of Deborah Smith 0991 do I report American scammers to stop scammers or ca you direct me to an American agency also doing scammer research these scams come from email n telephone calls.....I can exchange with you if you do American research now with Kesaniya. notes they are a new conversaton n no money has been requested at all with many scammers the original first few notes are clean n harmless but can indicate such scam requests will follow I always tell ladies right off the bat(as I did with Lada) do not ask me for money....but conversations change n then relatives (thier parents) become ill n need pharmacuetical drugs n could I please help usually insurance requests are common shortly followed by airline ticket requests i see also with Lada that she has been actively scamming for some time as you have many pictures of her she never sent to me i imagine it would be very expensive to actually charge ladies with scammimg ive not been scammed or lost any money to Russian or oversea ladies but I must admit that Deborah Smith 0991 has taken me for 750.00 american $$ before I became familiar with your site i really got suckered by herand she continues as she's had past success with me and thus continues ....I could use your advice as to how I could charge her i send you the ote from Ksenya for your own records n how some scammers begin thier fraud n how they begin thier fraud patterns I also request from you if there are legitimate dating sites you would recommend for me to actually find a russian wife as my family bloodline hails from Odessa n St Petersburg I will write notes of praise n thanks for your site that can be published as I have no wish for others to suffer the heartache n loss i have experienced im a recently retired postal worker here in Canada so I do have lots of time I can devote to helping you my pen name and profile name on Facebook n instagram are Canada Dale as the name does attract some ladies Thank you.



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