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Female Scammer Mercy Richard

Mercy Richard

Female Scammer Mercy Richard


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First Name: Mercy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tami, Tammi

Reports :


Contacted me through Yahoo Personals. Immediately stated that she lied on her personals because she couldn't create an account living in Russia and hope I didn't hold that against her! Then asked if I wanted to get to know her and we responded back and forth for 3 or 4 emails. When she kept asking me if I was looking to get married and if I was serious about a relationship, I just stopped responding. I have 3 emails and 14 pictures of her. She matches another profile I just saw on your site under the name Anatasia. I can forward you all of the emails and pictures for you to confirm if you like. Thanks for trying to put an end to all this BS!! I can't believe people actually fall for this. I have two others that I will report after I complete this report. BTW...they all came in as soon as I went from a free member on Yahoo to a paying member.



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