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Female Scammer Marina Yakimova

Marina Yakimova

Female Scammer Marina Yakimova


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First Name: Marina
Location [Address]: Russia, 423450, Orel, Mira str Orel (Russia)
Age: 35
Birth Date:
Aliases: Marinka, Marinochka, Marisha,

Reports :

"I am a cheerful and communicative person. I try to see everything only in a positive way. I am active and spontaneous. I am a motivated person. When I have a goal, I always reach it. I like extreme in a good sense of this word: extreme happiness, etc.I am looking for my soul mate, a man whom I will fall in love with. I would like him to be a cheerful, open and vital person. For me the most important thing is that a man on my side is sincere and understanding. I am not looking for just romance. I need a man for the whole life. My ideal partner is mature and with a good sense of humor. I imagine us sitting in the balcony watching sunsets and sipping tea. Together we will be much stronger because we will share strength and support."



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