Female Scammer Ludmila Mikhaylova

Ludmila Mikhaylova

Female Scammer Ludmila Mikhaylova

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First Name: Ludmila
Location [Address]: Russia, 424031, Yoshkar-Ola, P Izhevsk (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Catherine, Ecaterina, Kat, Kat

Reports :

"Hi Daniel! You know, it's a little unexpected for me. Nevertheless, I'm very glad to read your letter. How are you feeling today? I hope you're doing just fine.
You know, my work takes a lot of effort and time, but sometimes I have time to just hang out. Smile. And to be honest, when I graduated, I thought my life would be a little different. Now I work in a beauty salon, in 5 years of work, I have a great reputation among all my colleagues. They really like the way I handle my job, how serious and articulate I am about my work. They like my quality of work, they always admire my optimism and hard work. But most importantly, it gives me a lot of pleasure.
Daniel, and so a little more about me: - I don't have kids! I love kids! - My family: just me, and my mom. Ever since our father died, which was a long time ago, he smoked a lot and died of lung cancer. I was a little girl, and it pains me very much to remember how he suffered. She loved him so much, I realize now that they really had a true and sincere love. They worshipped each other, always and in everything dad supported mom. I think these were the actions of a real man. He acted like a real man, did everything for Mom's sake to make her happy and never needed anything. I don't have any brothers or sisters!
All my life I wasn't bored, but sometimes there were times when I couldn't talk to my parents and I couldn't talk to other people - I lacked support and attention. I always thought that whatever happens in life is for the best! And now, I've met you. I hope that you won't hurt me. - Also, I have my big apartment in Russia which I'm going to sell this year or next year. I want to leave Russia and I want to start a new life! Tell me about your life and your work! Kiss,Ludmila Mikhaylova."



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