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Female Scammer Karina Holmes

Karina Holmes

Female Scammer Karina Holmes


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First Name: Karina
Location [Address]: Pl. Urquinaona 10-3, Barcelona Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 25
Birth Date:
Aliases: Carina

Reports :


I Found her on some date sight but don’t remember which we chatted for a week then she said my father died and mother died recently in cancer in Sweden and she was back in the UK and lived in her father’s HUGE house she sent pictures of it too, probably from some house selling sight. Then she said on Friday i travel to GHANA in Africa to sell my fathers gold claims they are worth 500.000 Pounds and the House were on sale for 560.000 Pounds . She said ill mail you when i land I did not hear anything for 3 days !! Then she mailed me with a picture and said they were been attacked by robbers in middle of jungle and took all money and i was unconscious for 3 days and my wrist is broken then have to do surgery can you please send me money cause i done have any i asked her to go get a nurse because we used whatsup app i could see her then she came back and said all nurses are asleep and it was 10 am LOL !!! So idelted WhatsApp and after that i haven’t heard anything at all.



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