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Female Scammer Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

Female Scammer Jane Roberts


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First Name: Jane
Location [Address]: 12, Timn Bukit Seputih, Kuala Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Age: 42
Birth Date:
Aliases: Janee

Reports :


In the process of talking to one scammer I was introduced to this woman. I exposed the other woman as a scammer and so I started talking to this one. We talked for several weeks and during that time she told me of her cousin David, her business partner Richard and also stated that her father was dead but she still had her mother and a brother. She finally stated that she could not get a passport and visa unless her debts were paid off, a business and an auto loan. She said the bank had found out that she was trying to get a passport and visa and had contacted her and threatened legal action and demanded that the loan balance be paid off immediately. The loan balance was $4500.00 US. I told her to just make her payments like she was supposed to and I would take care of any debts when I arrived in Nigeria. She then asked for me to prove my trust in her and send her some money. I decided to contact Western Union to send her $100.00 but Western Union had her name on a blacklist and would not send it. I recontacted the woman and she demanded that I send $200.00 not 100 and demanded that I send it to someone else. I told her that because of the circumstances I could not send her any money and she then said our relationship is over if I wouldn't send it.



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