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Female Scammer Elena Baginka

Elena Baginka

Female Scammer Elena Baginka


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First Name: Elena
Location [Address]: Volzhsky
Age: 33
Birth Date: 14-04-1982

Elena Baginka

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Reports :

Letter 1She initiated contact using a different name without a picture on Russian Cupid. Said send email and you will see who she is soon. Soon after she sends pictures, And sends a Skype request. I talked to her for two weeks, within 3 day she asks for money to help buy airtime to communicate with me. And then wanted me to see her but needed a webcam. I sent 100.00 for a webcam (I know they only cost about 30 dollars) She came on Skype with NEW webcam, At first not to bad of a picture, but then picture freezes, jumpy scenes. Nice to watch I suppose though. Then she fell head over heels in love with me, wanted marriage...Then asked for a Iphone 5s, Which I have an empty box for. After showing her the box that is ALL se could talk about, she wanted me to send it to her already activated. She was so in love with me but only wanted to know where phone was, wanted ups tracking number. Also told me she would send pic's to me and told me her mum would take them and send to me. A Mother taking nude pictures of her daughter and sending them to a man???? Told her I would do this, but she still needed airtime so she could text me. So I sent 200.00 Western Union. It must be located in her building, because within 7 minutes of telling her I sent money, Western Union sent me a email telling me it was picked up. I knew this was a scam after I traced her IP address to Wichita, Kansas. Using the tools from this site (Email header analyzer) I confronted her about this and she swore that she was in Ghana, but this is what scammers do... The last contact she came on Skype and did a little show, She would not do anything asked of her though and kept freezing up, so not even a good show, but after said it was late and she needed sleep. I asked her the time there, she said 11:45 pm, as she told me this on Skype I could see the window behind her and it was a nice sunny day. So all of this is pre-recorded, The first two times different clothing but closer shots show exactly the same thing. Beautiful woman but a scammer. I got out cheap at 300.00 total.



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