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Female Scammer Diana Abraham

Diana Abraham

Female Scammer Diana Abraham


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First Name: Diana
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Daina, Diane, Dianna

Reports :

Letter 1Hi! I have find you on the internet and you very liked me!My name is Diana, 27 years old, living in Moscow. I would like to say you some worlds about me. I was born in Moscow, capital of Russia. Here I have finish university as doctor. Now I am work in hospital. In free time I like go to fitness. I am take care about my body. Also I like travel. I have visit already some countries. But very difficult to travel, it is very expensive for me. I like fishing, swimming, driving. I like drive card but I have no car. My parents live in Moscow, in other house, not with me. I am live alone in two rooms appartment. I have older sister, she is 33 years old and living with her family. She married and have daughter. I will be glad to know you better. We can corespondence for at know more each other. I can speak english, little german and swedish and very little french. It is my hobby to learn foreign languages. And hope we can meet in real life if we will be need in this. I am not looking man who can only write letters. I search real man who will be kind and gentle and who ready to make seriouse step. If you interesting, than write me about you. Will be wait for your letter with impatience. My best wishes, Diana Hello Paul! Thank you for answer on my letter! I am very glad to read this! Unfortunately, I have no profile on internet. When I hade this, I have receive very much letters. But it is was not seriouse man, only games. Therefore I have delete this. But when I have seen you, I have feel that I must write to you! I like such type of man like you. Some my general information. My heigh is 168 cm, weigh is 52. Date of birth is 1 october 1980. Favorit colors red and green, favorit flowers lily and rose. Do not drink and do not smoke. I never have been married but I want this. You know, I am already feel that I am ready for create family. Some girls of my age try to make career first. But I am think that most important in our life it is family. Loving husband and beautiful childrens, it is my dreams. Tell me Paul, please, how do you image you future family? Will be wait for your next letter. Sincere, your Diana Hi Paul! How is your weekend? I hope you have nice time! Yesterday I hade dinner with my parents. We live in one city but we have meet not so often. I am very busy on my work. But every weekend I am try to visit my parents. As you know, I am work as doctor. I am childrens doctor. I like my work, I like my patients. Every day I have seen many ill childrens. But after treatment they have happy face, and I like this. I can say that I am making childrens happy. I have not so much free time. And when I have this, I try to use this. I am going to fitness, I like sport. Some times I going with my father to river. I like fishing, swimming. You know, I am not good in fishing. But I like process! Also I can drive car. My father has teach me. I like listen to classic music. Also I like jazz very much! Tell me dear Paul, please, more about your life. I do not know, what to ask you. But you can feel free say all what you want. I will be wait for your next letter! My best wishes, Diana Hi my dear Paul! How are you today? I am glad to read your letter! For me very interesting to speak with you! You know, my best girlfriend has married on man from USA. She has meet him on the internet and begining to correspondence via e-mail. After few times Douglas (her husband) has invited Elena (my girlfriend) in USA. She has make visa and going to Los Angeles. And never come back. Elena call me after one month and said that will go to marry with Douglas. I cannot beilive in this! But it is trus. It is was two years ago. Now they have happy family with two beautiful daughters. And I am thinking, why do not try to find my love via internet. You know, russian man not the best choice. Drinking, fighting and have many other drawbacks. I do not say that I am search ideal man. Just he must be kind and gentle with me. And not important his appearance or age! Soul and his quotient to me, that important for me! And I can say that with you I feel self very comfortable. We can say each other many things without problem. I like this very much. And I like you. I am feel that we make steel more closer each other. Will be wait for your next letter and thinking about you. Kiss you, Diana Hi darling Paul Sorry for delay! I was so busy on the work. You know, september is very hot month for childrens doctors. How are you? Which plans do you have to weekend? I think in this weekend I will go to the beach. You know, in Moscow now +26 and sunny. My sister with her family now in Ukraine on the Black Sea. She write that weather +31. She is glad by leisure. Yesterday I have speak with my chief about my vacation. He said that I can take two weeks from 1 of october. So, if you want, we can meet and spend this time together. Let me know, when you can meet with me. I am with big pleasure will visit you. It is will be my best vacation. So, let me know, what do you think about this. Today I will work til belate. I must convey matters to my colleague. I am do not conduct admittance childrens today. But anyway, I will thinking about you. For me very pleasant to speak with you. I am sure, time together we will spend great. I wish you nice day today and good weekend. With all my love, Diana



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