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Female Scammer Albina Melnyk

Albina Melnyk

Female Scammer Albina Melnyk


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First Name: Albina
Location [Address]: unknown Kiev (Ukraine)
Age: 19
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alby

Reports :

Scam Report:
After less than 15 days, this lady said she was in love with me and said she was planning to come and be with me for the rest of her life within the next two weeks. She said she was going to pay for her airline ticket, but she needed money for a calling card so that we could talk. She stated she really wanted to hear my voice. She got upset when I said I did not have the money right now. And kept asking me if I could send it yet and if I had sent it yet. She really messed up when she contacted me by Yahoo messenger and accidentally left her microphone on. She said she did not have a microphone or speakers for her computer. I offered to send her a microphone headset but she ignored that offer and insisted that she needed the phone card. It cost $150.00. Eventually, she stated she needed this amount plus another $250.00 to pay for Christmas presents for she and her family. Is that great or what? I confronted her about the voice mail and she said she did not have a microphone but I could hear her typing and her family in the background making I think lunch.



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